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Make more per rental by adding an Xscape Pod camping package as an extra. It's really easy, here's how it works.

Camping Pod for 2: Get everything you need for your camping trip in your trunk, clean and ready for you. Includes tent, sleeping bags, air pads, camp chairs, camp stove, mess kit, soft-sided cooler, headlamps and more. Just add water.

Shipping: Arrives within 24 hrs of ordering in CA / OR / WA. Pods must be booked 48 hours in advance in the remaining lower 48 states. $25 shipping.

Cost Chart: 

How It Works: A two person camping pod is ordered to Oakland for a two-night rental.

  1. Customer books pod on your Turo vehicle page as an extra.
  2. Then you order the pod from Xscape Pod using the unique Turo host code (will be provided) to give you preferred pricing (payment must be made at time of booking).
  3. Pod is shipped to you one day before customer’s trip, you place in trunk.
  4. When the pod comes back just stick the included return shipping label on the pod and return to a FedEx location or call to schedule a pickup, free of charge. No cleaning required.
Next Steps: Please complete the form below to start offering Xscape Pod camping gear as an extra. Please include: name, email, phone number, TuroID, city/state and vehicle make/model. Thanks for the inquiry, we'll get back to you within 24 hours with next steps and a digital setup packet. Happy camping! 

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