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The Xscape Pod Experience

Xscape Pod was built with the casual camper in mind. We know that gear is expensive (crowd sharing and sustainability are rad), space is limited, and not everyone is a trained outdoor survivalist.  And that's why we set out on this mission to remove the barriers that keep people from camping. Outlined below are the 5 steps to your Xscape Pod experience so you have a better idea of how it all works.  

Step 1: Booking Your Pod

Booking PageMake your Xscape pod reservation through our easy to use booking app on the homepage. Checking out is easy- it takes less than 3 minutes and we take all major credit cards.  It's also during the checkout process when you'll choose your delivery option.  We ship nationally for a flat fee of $50 round trip, and deliver locally in Portland, Oregon for a $25 fee.  And pick-up in Portland is always free.                                                                          

Step 2: Campsite Search Support


Campsite ConciergeShould you need assistance finding a campsite we’ve got a solution for that. Our Campsite Concierge service delivers 3 campsites to choose from based on your criteria. 

Step 3: Confirmation Email with Tips and Tricks

Confirmation EmailYour confirmation email arrives with pro tips and “don’t forget'' checklists, gear setup tutorial videos, and more helpful information. 

Step 4: Delivery

DeliveryThe morning of your departure your pod will be delivered by an Xscape Pod employee ready to show you how the gear works and answer any questions you might have. (if local delivery option selected).  If shipping is your preferred method then your pod will arrive via FedEx. 

 Step 5: Pick-Up


pick upUpon your return, either put the pod in the same box you received it and affix the return shipping label and return to a FedEx dropoff, or we’ll pick up your pod if local delivery was your method. No need to clean or organize, we take care of that. It's all so easy you'll be saying, “that was camping made simple!"