Last minute pods still available for this weekend

What’s not included?

Not much. Each Pod is a curated assembly of essential, high-quality camping gear- compared to other rental gear services which only include a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and water filter. Our Pods are adventure tested so that you don’t find yourself on the trail saying, “DAMN, I forgot the ___ !” Our Pods have everything you need so you can escape everything you don’t! Just pick up your food and coldsnacks (beer) and you’re on your way.

Pod delivery options?

National shipping is available for $25. Local delivery in Portland, Oregon is available for $25 round trip and local pick-up is free.  Our pick-up address is 1006 SE Salmon St Portland OR 97214.

One-way shipping?

Yes, we do that, no problem.  It's common for our customers to pickup in Portland and ship back from another destination like Seattle or San Francisco.  If you're planning on one-way shipping please enter the destination you would like us to ship to, or return from and then checkout.  Post checkout, please send us an email or give us a call and we will note one-way shipping/pickup in our system.  

Is the equipment cleaned between trips?

Yes, all equipment is inspected by hand, cleaned, and repacked between each trip. Special attention is paid to cookware and sleeping bags. All mess kits and utensils are run through a dishwasher, and sleeping bags are sanitized.

What if I lose a piece of equipment during my trip?

Insurance is offered for $10 per trip. It’s a small price for peace of mind during your adventure. If insurance is not chosen, any gear lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged to your card. Replacement or purchase costs for each piece of equipment can be found under each Pod lid.

I really liked the equipment, can I buy directly from Xscape Pod?

Sure, if you find you really like a piece of equipment while on your adventure, just keep it. The price for each piece of equipment is listed under each Pod lid. As equipment “seasons” the price is lowered. Since all of our gear is excellent quality some great deals can be found as the gear goes through its natural life cycle.

Are longer term leases possible?

Sure. Want to rent gear for multiple weeks, or the entire summer, no problem. Call us at 971-599-6025 to discuss long-term lease options.