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What is the cancellation policy?

At Xscape Pod we understand that plans change, especially during this unpredictable time. Currently we're offer a 100% refund for all orders cancelled before the gear has shipped. Please contact us with questions related to cancellations or changes to your reservation. Thank you. 

How is the equipment cleaned between trips?

All equipment is inspected and cleaned thoroughly between each trip in accordance with CDC sanitation guidelines. Special attention is paid to sanitize cookware and sleeping bags. All cook sets are run through a high temperature commercial dishwasher, and sleeping bags are machine washed and sanitized between each trip with anti-bacterial/fungal/viral cleaning solutions. All employees wear nitrile gloves and masks when unpacking, cleaning, and repacking pods. Sanitation of all equipment and a healthy working environment for our employees are our top priorities right now.     

How does shipping work?

We ship pods all over the lower 48 states. Our shipping partner is FedEx and they can ship practically anywhere: businesses, places of work, hotels, Airbnb's, National Parks, FedEx stores (for hold) and so on. If you're thinking about having an Xscape Pod shipped to you, here is how it works:

  • When selecting your dates you'll only want to select the days you'll need the gear. 
  • We ship all pods to arrive one business day before your set to start your camping adventure.
  • After you've selected your dates and placed your pod into the shopping cart you will select round-trip or one-way shipping during checkout.
  • Then enter the address of the destination you wish to have your pod shipped.
  • Please choose an address that will have someone available to accept the package. We don't require signature but it's always best when there is a concierge, doorman, a family member, or even you there to receive the gear.
  • Once booked you'll receive a series of emails from Xscape Pod, one email will include your FedEx tracking number so you can track your package once it's in route.
  • Your pod will arrive in a cardboard box. Please save the box and the return shipping label located inside the box so you can ship back when you're done.
  • After camping, place the gear back into the box, affix the provided return shipping label to the box and return to any FedEx store no more than one business day after your booking ends. That it, it's that simple. 

Do you offer one-way shipping?

Yes, we do that, no problem. It's common for our customers to pickup in West Middlesex and ship back from another destination like Seattle or San Francisco. If you're planning on one-way shipping please enter the destination you would like us to ship to, or return from and then checkout. During checkout, please mention any special shipping instructions in the "special requests" field and we will follow up with a call or email if we have any questions. 

What’s not included?

Not much. Each Pod is a curated collection of essential, high-quality camping gear. Compare that to other rental gear services which only include a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and water filter. Our Pods are adventure tested so that you don’t find yourself on the trail saying, “Dang, I forgot the ___ !” Our Pods have everything you need so you can escape everything you don’t need! Just pick up your food, beverages and fuel (propane, white fuel, or firewood) and you’re on your way.

What are the Pod delivery options?

National round-trip shipping is available for $49.99.  One-way shipping is $24.99 and Local delivery in West Middlesex and the surrounding area is available for $19.99 round trip and local pick-up is free.

What if I lose a piece of equipment during my trip?

Accidental minor damage to items we can repair in house will not be charged to the customer's card in most cases. We understand that things happen. In the event that major items are lost or damaged Xscape Pod will resolve with customer on a situational basis. 

I really liked the equipment, can I buy directly from Xscape Pod?

Sure, if you find that you really like a piece of equipment just let us know you want to buy it and we'll send you a link to easily checkout online. Since all of our gear is excellent quality, some great deals can be found as the gear goes through its natural life-cycle.

Are longer term rentals possible?

Sure! Want to rent gear for multiple weeks, or the entire summer? No problem. Call us at 724-813-9316 to discuss long-term rental options.

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