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We all know the benefits of getting outside. We are too plugged-in, too busy, and far too available. Getting outdoors, or as folks love to say “getting away from it all” is the natural antidote to so many of the connectivity driven viruses plaguing us today. At Xscape Pod, we believe so strongly in the power of the outdoors that we’re willing to help you write your own outside adventure story. If you would like access to a free Xscape Pod for a weekend this spring or summer, we would gladly outfit you. And we have free Oregon Parks Passes in every Pod!

Camping on the beach

Story Starters: Getting Outside

• What the concrete, steel, and technology take from us each day, fresh air, streams, and trees give back.

• In order to truly connect with friends and family, we have to disconnect from the day-to-day world.

• Feeling depleted? You’re not alone. The outdoors can raise your Vitamin D, lower your blood pressure, and reduce that killer stress.

• Want to Feel Alive? Stand at the top of a waterfall. Swim in a mountain lake. Summit a volcanic peak.

Smores Story Starters: Camping Made Simple! 

• In addition to curated camping gear, Xscape Pod offers convenient add-ons like food, fuel, firewood, and Campsite Concierge—a service that helps find the perfect campsite.

• Xscape Pod ups the sustainability. We weren’t satisfied with AAA batteries and semi-disposable utensils. In 2019, Xscape Pod has taken conservation up a notch: self inflating mats, lithium batteries, and more.

• Everyone camps differently. That’s why Xscape Pod offers so many options and customizations.

Camping Gear Rental Made SimpleA business built from a real need.

Xscape Pod Founder Nic Parrish was preparing for a family camping and backpacking adventure with his brother-in-law and father in the great American West when those early, formative questions materialized: “Why is it so difficult to rent gear and camping equipment? Why was there no pseudo-Airbnb for camping?” Coordinating gear shouldn’t be a logistical headache, he thought. It’s not fair that we need the outdoors but it costs a small fortune to tap into its benefits. Xscape Pod was the answer–the better way.

How can we help you tell your outdoor story?

We have all the high resolution camping and Xscape Pod photos you might need to complete any digital or print story. And we’re friendly folks. If you need something to complete your outdoor story, please ask.

For more information please email us at or call us at 971-599-6025.

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