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Glamping Upgrade


Upgrade your entire Xscape Pod camping experience with this lux bundle. 

  • upgrade your two person tent to a 4 person one for more room
  • swap out the soft-sided cooler for the 80L yeti-style cooler on wheels
  • replace the single burner stove with two burners plus fuel included
  • don't forget the S'mores kit by 1927 S'mores Co.
  • and relax in style with hammock and included straps

Upgraded gear is provided in the following quantities based on number of campers per group. 

  • Tents: 1 for every two persons
  • Camp stoves: 1 per every 4 persons
  • Cooler: 1 per every 4 persons
  • S'mores kit: 1 per every 4 persons
  • Hammock: 1 for every two persons 

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