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Campsite + Gear + Provisions

Introducing Xscape Plans - our preplanned, pre-packed camping trip packages designed to take the work out of planning an epic outdoors overnight. These weekend escapes are perfect for getting out of town and seeing all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.


We're launching this new service in our home market, Portland. We're featuring three amazing camping destinations to chose from: Mountains, Coast, Wine Country (all are 1-2 hours from Portland). Simply select your preferred destination and we'll take care of the rest. And we're not talking sardine packed State Park campgrounds, we are sending you to exclusive sites in pristine locations away from the crowds, sites only accessed through 



Now that we've taken care of the hard part, the campsite securing- let's talk gear.  As you know, Xscape Pod takes the effort out of gear sourcing with our pre-packed pods full of all the camping gear essentials you need like the tent, sleeping bag, air pads, camp stove and more. The best part is the gear is so easy to use. We'll even walk you through the setup when we deliver the gear right to your door.

Xscape Pod Camping ger rentals


Finally, we can't forget about the food.  As part of your Xscape Plan package you'll receive a complimentary bottle of wine (Pinot Noir of course) and a PNW IPA, a s'mores kit from S'mores1929, and a delicious camping breakfast from Backpacker's Pantry. Whats more, how about a camp coffee kit from our neighbors at Coava. Truly the best Portland has to offer. Priced at $299 per couple, and $499 for a group of four for two nights. Click here to be one of the first to sign up for this exclusive camping series. 


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