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April 26, 2018 1 min read


Need help finding or booking a great campsite? Let us help you.  Simply click here and fill out two simple questions- tell us what you want to see and how far you want to drive and we'll find a site for you.  And within 24 hours, we'll send you three options for you to choose from. Just one more way Xscape Pod makes it easy for you to explore the outdoors.

The New Site is Live, and We're Stoked! 

The new site is up.  The feature we're most proud of is the "trip planner bar" on the homepage.  Simply enter the number of campers, whether you're going backpacking or car camping, select your dates- and hit LET'S GO.  Then Xscape Pod takes care of the rest by serving up the perfect camping gear pod curated specifically for your adventure. Check it out! homepage

XscapePod supports Portland TEDx 

This year, Xscape Pod joined up with TEDx to show our support as an official Community Sponsor.  The day was filled with inspirational speakers all talking on the theme of Br/dges (detailed below).  It was awesome to hear so many amazing stories from folks right here in Portland making great things happen.  We'll definitely be back again next year. 

Excerpt from TEDx website- Portland’s famed bridges represent our progress and expose our challenges. From a past tarnished with racial inequality to a present that seeks to transcend that story. Year 8 is dedicated to building the future of Portland as an equitable, hopeful, and prosperous city for all. We will explore the duality with each speaker and their ideas. 
Nicholas Parrish
Nicholas Parrish

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