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Camping: Good for the Solstice

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The first day of summer arrives with the solstice on Friday, June 21st at 11:54 a.m. EDT. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the longest day of the year and the moment when the sun reaches its highest point. Just thought we’d drop a little solar knowledge on ya! 

To celebrate the Solstice, the people of Ålesund, Norway, set a world record in 2016 for the tallest bonfire with their 155.5-foot celebratory inferno. While we don’t recommend you build a massive rager, we do encourage you to get outdoors this weekend and take advantage of the longest days of the year.

Pods are still available for this weekend, and if you book between now and Friday we'll give you 15% off with code:

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Make Good On That Promise.

We all do it, now make good on that PROMISE!

It's not to late to make good on that promise to hit the wilderness with your friends one last time this summer, or to take the kids on that epic 3 day camping adventure you promised to Crater Lake.  You might say, "well, we're out of time, summer is winding down and school and work are about to get busy again".  To that we say- "how about a deal?" For the next week only, we're offering 20% all pods.  Use code: NEVERTOOLATE during checkout to receive 20% off your entire booking. Go on, get out there- you'll thank us. ;) 

Thanks KGW for the Local Coverage This week we joined Nina on Portland Today to talk for a minute about all that Xscape Pod has to offer.  Click the image below to watch our segment. 
Check out Not sure where to camp?  Looking for trusted reviews from real people?  Check -with well over 60,000 campgrounds reviewed (featuring photos and recommendations from real people that have actually visited the campsite/park). It's one of the best outdoor resources out there.  Plus they recently launched their app so you can take the best campground resource with you anywhere you go- download today from theApp Store
Lastly, CLICK HERE to visit our new CAMPING RESOURCES page. It has tons of helpful information, like a camping checklist, videos about the gear we include, and websites to search for a campsite and read reviews. 

Father's Day Deals And Quick Trips Inspiration

Father's Day Deals And Quick Trips Inspiration

Oh $%!&, Father's Day is this Sunday!

Still shopping for the man who has everything? Rather than one more things that he won't use, how about gifting an experience?  Not sure whether he would prefer car camping or backpacking?  No sweat, Gift Certificates are available.  Just direct message us via email reply, or on Facebook Messenger and we'll create a custom Gift Cert for your pops.  

Or, if you know exactly which pod your dad would like then use the promo code below for 20% off, and be sure to brag to him that you got a good deal (dad's love a bargain). 

And as mentioned in other communications, we will also honor the same promo for any recent grads, or anyone that wants to go camping for that matter! 


Not sure where to camp?
You need Xscape Pod Quick Trips.

Thinking about doing this camping thing, but not sure where to go?  We get it.  That's why we created Quick Trips.  We've started with 4 of our favorite PNW camping destinations, all within a short drive from Portland.  Each trip highlights one of the 4 great climates of Oregon (Coast, Mountains, Gorge, and High Desert).

Get Inspired with - QUICK TRIPS!

2018 Xscape Pod Summer Events Calendar

Dr. Brew Clear Mind Kombucha EventCome by and say hi.  Mention this email and we'll give you a top-secret promo code good for an insane discount!

June 21st- TEDx Paint The Tow Red 6k
June 24- NOPO Pathways
June 28- Alberta Street Last Thursday
July 6-8th- Portland Craft Beer Festival
July 14th- Mississippi Street Fair
July 21st- Clinton Steer Fair
July 22nd- NW Pathways
Lastly, CLICK HERE to visit our new CAMPING RESOURCES page. It has tons of helpful information, like a camping checklist, videos about the gear we include, and websites to search for a campsite and read reviews.